Camping at a village

12 June 2017 When camping at a village one has to be attentive to the availability of water. At Annie’s previous house she had to walk more than two kilometres to the nearest borehole and had to carry the 20liter cans on her head They now hire a house close to a borehole and have a drum for water which they can roll. Zambia is sometimes called the land of the tall grass .Around Annie’s house is a beautiful fence built with bundles of this 6foot grass tied with strings of bark to straight branches planted sturdily in the ground Our tent was pitched between the fence and her house. With no electricity and making use of an outside open fire, Annie spoiled us with magnificent meals. Today we got up at 5 am and packed, but figuring out how to repack our pop up toilet delayed us a lot We are now on route to Chipata in eastern Zambia Corrie van Aardt

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