Will you ride with Him?

12 August 2017

It has been more than twenty years now since my late husband and I first travelled to Zambia.
At first it was the extreme poverty in the rural areas that touched our hearts. Pupils with no books sitting on stones at schools without black boards . Children with only one set of badly torn clothes…
Then our involvement grew with evangelism and community upliftment projects.
Now, like a fire, the urgency for bibles burns in my heart. In vast areas of Africa there are still no bibles . Many people do not own cell phones and in their lifetime they will most likely never reach a shop that sell bibles. Please consider helping us.
God willing we shall travel a bible route end of October, from Pretoria via Zimbabwe and Malawi to northern Mozambique.

Would you consider to accompany us either in your own vehicle (at your own cost) or as a passenger in our (one) vehicle.
Would you like to sponsor a bible or box of bibles?
Does your church support someone along this route whom we can encourage and maybe give some bibles to?
Would you like to become part of this group?
Please let me know.

Corrie van Aardt
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