The trip to the lower Zambezi

Throughout Shené’s teachings on the Kingdom of God , one thing stood out and that was that every Christian needs to know God’s Word. In the rural areas a bible is a christian’s most precious possession. We found that in a pastor’s household there would usually be only one bible because it is easier to give a bible to a new believer than to members of their own household.
The trip to the lower zambezi was not 3 hours as we has been told “…or if you drive fast …2.5 hours ” With the Lusaka traffic, treacherous mountain roads with many transport trucks  and extremely bad gravel roads the trip took six hours.
We stopped at the palace of the chieftainess where the most important discussion between this lovely christian lady and apostle Newman was where the bibles which we had brought were most needed.
Then we rushed to the open air film venue where the praise and worship team were already leading the crowd in worship and under the stars we watched Louis Giglio’s Indescribable.
At midnight we enjoyed our typical Zambian supper and were thankful for beds and matrasses in the apostles house in stead of having to pitch tents.

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