12 June 2017


So far our days had been  very  busy. For three days Shené had taught leaders from different churches about the Kingdom of God. It was heart-warming to hear their testimonies of new  revelations .


This was followed by a two day workshop on Human trafficking presented by Jaqueline.


During the evenings we showed  different films at different  locations.


Last night  we travelled through  thick  bush over a bumpy road  to a fairly big  village where the witchdoctor ‘s house was painted  pink.   A lot of small kids quickly gathered around us and among the adults many drunkards. One of them introduced himself to me as Henry  .I greeted him by hand and started talking to him. He knew about the prodigal son and the lost sheep ,but it seemed to me as if he was shy of his drunkenness. During our conversation I repeated a few times that God accepts one as you are.


He had many questions and I invited him to come to church today .


What joy when Hendry sat in the front row today, neatly dressed  and with  shining face.


Pastor Michael spoke to him after church and said later that Henry came because we were friendly to him even while he was drunk.

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