A long, but blessed day

Saturday morning the chieftainess attended our church service where Shené again preached on Gen1 and John1& Isaiah 55:11. Again the importance of knowing and proclaiming the Word was emphasised.
We had made new friends and were sad to leave so soon. On route we stopped at the site where the Kafue and Zambezi rivers joined. Then at a mall in south Lusaka we tried to sort out the problem with the Jesus Film and War room. It was in a format which my laptop could not play. We had no WiFi nearby and my laptop could not connect to Saartjie’s hotspot to download a player. A church member had a laptop which could play the film from our memory stick, but with no electricity nearby it could not charge and its charger did not fit in our south African multi plug which connected to the generator. They did not sell a conversion travel plug or a lead to charge through a USB plug.
When we arrived back at the church in darkness a teacher brought a Zambian multi plug which solved the problem but the laptop had no sound . Finally! We found another laptop and were able to show the “War Room”
The intercessors were very inspired by this film.
We had thought that we would only have bread for supper, but were blessed with a hot meal at midnight which had been prepared by church members. Then at last we put on layers of clothes and flopped into our beds.

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