On a mission again

7 August 2019

We missed the stolen cruiser as we tried to fit things into Griet’s Rav4. The roof carrier helped. Griet set the cruise control to 100km/hr to save fuel and off we went on our 4000km trip.
After a wonderful sleepover at our family in Francistown we enjoyed the last 500km through Botswana, seeing elephants, giraffes and duikers along the way.
Kasane has changed since our last visit .A new shopping mall and detour to the ferry . The massive bridge construction across the Zamezi is rising up slowly like a giant .
As always, the runners offered their help. I have learnt to say we know what to do but will buy insurance from them. This one said, “madam did you not always drive a white cruiser?”
There is now a bank at the border, but it closed at 2pm and the bureau had no kwatchas. Luckily the runner had kwatchas but of course at a rate that favored him.
No stops in Livingstone as we raced against the setting sun to reach Dorothy & Mathew’s village. Small roads split up and reconnected, but somewhere in the dark ours did not reconnect and became smaller and smaller. A lone cyclist redirected us to Mathew “After 75meters you turn left ” We met him again after about 100 meters “yes ,madam the road is in front after about 75meter”.
Suddenly, a scraping noise forced us to stop. The exhaust had come loose. I struggled but did not have the strength to refit its rubber attachments to the vehicle, so we tied it up with a string.
Finally, when we reached the village, Dorothy was waiting with nsjima (maize porrige) and chicken . This meal was usually our favorite, but the tiredness had overtaken our hunger and after welcome coffee we were very thankful for our pop-up tent.

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