Finding the turn off to Dzaleka

Finding the turn off to Dzaleka

3 Nov 2017

Pastor Mark and Jean treated us to a wonderful breakfast before we set off to Dzaleka.
I then misjudged the time that it would take to reach our destination.
We dropped pastor Gilbert off in Blantyre and Willem bought some goodies for us in honour of his brother Isak’s birthday. They travelled in his vehicle and he sponsored their fuel, but could not accompany us.
Around lunch we stopped at a lookout point against a mountain and tried to eat sandwiches without the many pedestrians noticing it.
By the time that we were through the Lilongwe evening traffic it was dark. The airport road was easy to find but not the turn off to Dzaleka.
Nearing a police checkpoint , Willem said we must ask there but when they waved me on, I just drove.
Martie looked on google maps and I had just passed the turn off when she asked “wasn’t that it?” “No” I said “it doesn’t look right.” Not that I could see much in the darkness and I still drove on.
After a while I noticed a Catholic Mission and I thought surely we must be past the turn off. There were two gentlemen dressed in suits standing next to the road “Dzaleka is still up ahead, we can show you the way” they said, eagerly stepping forward. “No, it’s ok ” we replied and drove on .
I became sure we had passed the turnoff and when we saw a pedestrian I stopped again to ask “Dzaleka is still further on” he said and Olga made a place for him because “I shall show you” he had said.
Finally, I noticed a garage and knew we had definitely passed the turn off. I turned in and got out to ask the petrol attendant. “The turn off is far back towards Lilongwe” he said.
Back at the vehicle I was told that saying “God bless you!” our passenger had left with a smile and a wave.
He had reached his destination.
As far as I remember I did apologize to my weary fellow travellers before we turned back towards the turn off.

Corrie van Aardt
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Isaiah 9:2 “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light ; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

Rom 10 : 14 “and how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard? ”

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