A bible for Domingo

A Bible for Domingo

6 Nov 2017

After this incident Willem checked the odometer reading and stated that it was exactly 110 kilometres west of Chipata where Domingo and friends had been waiting next to the road under a tree…
We had met up with Kobus in Chipata to give him a precious box if Chichewa Bibles for pastors in the rural areas. Kobus is manager of Chipata Spar, but over weekends he and other pastors travel to remote areas where they preach, encourage and distribute blankets.
Ruben one of those pastors, was traveling with us to Lusaka.
After a while he asked whether we would mind to stop in front. He said that Kobus had sent one of the Bibles with him to give to Domingo Phiri who grew up in Mozambique during the civil war. Most of Domingo’s family and friends had been killed and he was now a pastor of a congregation of 300 and among them they owned only one dilapidated Bible.
Domingo was all smiles when we stopped and he embraced Ruben after receiving the Bible.
They asked if we possibly had an English bible. We searched through our vehicles and found not an English bible but a whole box of Chichewa Bibles which somehow had gotten misplaced in a recovery kit box.
We also found a box of stationary which we had searched for at Dzaleka.
Domingo was overwhelmed.
He stated that for two days they had gathered and prayed for Bibles. He also said that he could not afford to buy the stationary which his child needed for school.
We knew then why the Zimbabwe experience had been so traumatic that we felt we should take a detour through Zambia to go back home.
God had answered Domingo’s congregation’s prayers.
May we one day be able to deliver 300 Bibles to his church.

Corrie van Aardt
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Isaiah 9:2 “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light ; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

Rom 10 : 14 “and how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard? ”

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