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Outreach to Malawi

Answered Prayers

21 September 2018

We left Pretoria with very little funds available for Bibles. What joy when I hopefully checked the bank account at Louise Trichard. I ran outside to share the news with reverend Kobus that sufficient funds had been donated so that at least each pastor can receive a bible!
Last year our trip through Zimbabwe had been a harrowing experience so our prayer requests amongst others were for favor at the border posts and to get no fines at the many police road blocks.
This time at most road blocks we were just shown with a hand wave to carry on , or were greeted with friendliness and then told to proceed.
There were also no attempts at bribery at the borders.
We also received two unexpected free overnight stays at beautiful places .

May God bless those who had blessed us .

Corrie van Aardt
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